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I know everybody regardless of age and experience can learn if I respect the student's  needs, pace and learning style , and if I tap into his or her interests, likes and strengths. I think  that a comprehensive approach that includes speaking, reading, writing and listening is necessary  since these four areas of knowledge feed off each other. However, I focus primarily on communication which means that we don't need to know it all perfectly well before we can make and express meaning and have a conversation. I provide knowledge, fun, flexibility, resourcefulness, creativity together with the specific teaching strategies that  will guarantee an successful  pleasant experience for all students.  

I encourage, I model, I give feedback, I challenge, I praise, I reward as needed. I welcome mistakes since I see them as opportunities to learn. I find it highly effective to empower students to do creative writing work and share it with other students when possible. I can follow any Spanish learning book and/or the student and I can design a more open and out of the box curriculum. I give homework because I know practice produces learning and learning reinforces motivation.

I take advantage of as many chances as possible to  give cultural information to offer a context and to  enrich the learning as well. 

Two To Tango is my approach to teaching and learning as a collaborative experience. 

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