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I learned a lot of language skills. She teaches methodically which is exactly how I learn best. I am happy to have found her.

Adam K. on 2/26/2020 

Very sweet and easy to work with. It has a good way of making things make sense. Robert S. on 2/27/2020 


My 13 yo son’s first lesson and he learned super useful tips. He really liked the lesson and he was skeptical about it! Jake S. on 1/6/2019 


"I've been a student of Carina's for a year and a half now, and the

progress that I've made with her help is amazing.  When I started, I

knew barely a single word of Spanish.  Now I'm actually able to carry

on a conversation.  Thanks, Carina!"   Sam Nelson


Carina is the perfect Spanish language teacher.  Her detailed knowledge of both Spanish and English language is of the highest caliber...reading, writing, spoken, formal or informal. She combines mastery of teaching, with just the right combination of flexibility and structure to provide the perfect learning experience.  I would highly recommend Carina to anyone seriously wanting to learn the language.  Alan Zollner

"Flexible, knowledgeable, lovely tutor!"

I have been meeting with Carina to work on my Spanish for several months now. She is flexible with scheduling and location, goes out of her way to adjust to my learning style and preferences, seeks out new ways for me to practice, and is easy and pleasant to speak with. I would highly recommend her to anyone at any level!!      Lisa / Jersey City, NJ on 10/15/2019

"Excellent tutor"

We are very glad we chose Carina to be our daughter’s tutor. Our daughter had been missing many of the fundamentals in Spanish, and Carina has been very patient while getting her up to speed. She asks for our daughter to send the work ahead of time so that she is always prepared to hit the ground running as soon as the lesson starts. The lessons have been both in-person and virtual and both ways have been terrific. We highly recommend Carina for Spanish tutoring!      Dave / New York, NY on 3/23/2020

"Thorough, patient, and fun tutor!"

Carina has a sixth sense that picks up on your level of Spanish and how to improve it, seamlessly. I normally meet with her right after a long day at work. The lesson is so much fun and I learn so much that I feel re-energized after leaving our lesson. Carina's teaching schedule is pretty packed, but if you have the chance, take a private lesson with her! You won't regret it!

Marie / New York, NY on 2/11/2020

"To Be and Accents"

We covered "to be", various verb uses and conjugations. The lessons are going well. Carina is helping to back up what I already know and don’t know!! Carina has a helpful and thoughtful style of teaching.

Michael / Jersey City, NJ on 11/1/2017

"Attentive and Knowledgeable Tutor!"

Everything was great as usual! We discussed the main points for TOEFL speaking part and also practiced with the reading part. Thanks a lot!

Alena / Jersey City, NJ on 7/5/2017

"Great Spanish teacher"

I have been taking classes with Carina for several months now. Carina is an excellent Spanish teacher- she adapts the classes to your individual interests and needs and it never gets boring. I can highly recommend her!

Kathrin / New York, NY on 7/3/2017

"One amazing teacher!"

As good as it gets. Combines grammar and conversational in the most creative and engaging way. I am looking forward to our next session. I am finally able to overcome my fear of speaking Spanish. Bravo Carina!

Tsipi / Maplewood, NJ on 3/27/2017

"Best Spanish tutor!"

I've had a few Skype language tutors but Carina's one of my favorites. She's very accommodating and flexible with schedules and has a knack for teaching. She uses a marker board that helps with illustrating concepts. Her explanations are easy to understand, she knows all the idiomatic phrases and nuances in the language, and breaks down difficult grammar structures well. I'd definitely recommend her. 

Ann Massapequa, NY on 1/28/2015

"Detail Oriented!"

I had the pleasure to take Spanish classes with Carina for a few months. The classes were well prepared and focused on the objectives to achieve. Carina is a very dedicated tutor whom I would really recommend to anyone looking to improve their Spanish. Martin / Jersey City, NJ on 12/14/2014

Very well I am very satisfied with my instructor. She is very patient and I love how she corrects me with my accents and pronouns of the words to ensure that I speak and understand the language.

Shelton L. on 3/17/2020  

Carina is a lovely person and an excellent teacher. She teaches two small classes of kids at my home weekly and we have been impressed with her abilities. She is professional and always comes prepared. Carina gives the kids interesting and relevant homework assignments that they enjoy doing (Yes, you read that right!) I feel both of my children have improved their Spanish ability since Carina began working with them. I recommend her highly!  Risa on 8/17/2015


" I LOVED your spanishpots!!  I want to attend the next ones.  Please email me the details when you have them.  Also, I would like to host sometime if you do not mind coming to Campbell Hall".    Holly Roe

"Amazing: Knowledgable, Helpful and Incredibly Interesting"

Carina is an excellent tutor. She is able to tailor our lessons to the exact areas I need most help in and knows how to make our discussions both interesting and fun.  Ethan / New York, NY on 10/28/2015

"An amazing Spanish tutor!"

I have been working over the past months with Carina to improve my oral proficiency in Spanish. In my time with her, we talk about a variety of topics and role-play scenarios that would be included in an exam, like the OPI. Carina reviews grammar in a way that is always clear and she introduces me to new vocabulary and idiomatic expressions. It is difficult, to sum up what a great experience I have had working with Carina - she is a creative, patient and accommodating teacher who motivates and strives to work with you towards reaching your goals in the Spanish language. Without a doubt, I highly recommend Carina!!   Kara Jersey City, NJ on 10/7/2015

Excellent instructor. Keeps the student engaged.

Madison D. on 7/21/2018 

"She was very patient with my girls, which had a lot of questions."

My girls loved her, it as the first class and they were so comfortable with her. They asked a question and Carina made it easy for them to understand each and one of the words and sentences, she gave the girls. Carina played with the girls have they learned Spanish. I'm very pleased with the lessons, can't wait for more classes for girls to learn.  Martha Jersey City, NJ on 7/22/2015

My son and I have both had the pleasure of taking Spanish tutoring with Carina, and it was an excellent experience. She is patient, explains things very well and is very passionate about the language and culture.

Michelle on 9/1/2015 

"Excellent tutor who tailors lessons to the student's needs"

I really enjoyed my first class with Carina. We jumped straight in, translating some phrases I prepared in advance allowing Carina to tailor the class specifically to my needs. I liked that Carina also broke down each phrase explaining the pronouns, verbs, adjectives with different examples which will allow me to build upon this lesson. My extended family is Argentinian so she also highlighted differences in Argentinian Spanish which was very helpful. We did this lesson via Skype which I found to be an effective communication method. It is helpful that Carina writes down the Spanish words on a whiteboard during the lesson. Looking forward to learning more with Carina in future lessons.  Arlene / Jersey City, NJ on 7/21/2015

Carina is a patient, thorough teacher who often goes above and beyond to answer my questions. She teaches me cultural differences as well between Spanish speaking countries. I have recommended her to friends. I also enjoy her Spanish Pots!  Tara on 8/26/2015 

"Amazing tutor! Very patient and flexible"

I started one-to-one lessons with Carina several months ago. I would come to her home and we would have one-hour sessions twice a week. She was very flexible about the content and pace. A regular textbook approach didn’t work for me, because of my specific situation (especially because I would like to learn Argentine Spanish rather than Central American pronunciation - Carina can help with both). Carina made me feel very comfortable with my level of knowledge so that I could speak more and then slowly helped me to improve. She corrects my grammar and vocabulary in a way that helps me to learn better. My Spanish has significantly improved since I started taking classes with her! Later on, we switched to Skype lessons. I didn’t think of Skype as a good way to learn Spanish before, but now I see how much more convenient it is. I will soon be moving to a different state and plan to continue our Skype lessons. Thank you, Carina, for all your help!

Valentina San Diego, CA on 5/25/2015

Carina is a wonderful Spanish teacher to my 7 and 10-year-old children. She tailors the lessons to their personalities so that they are truly engaged. She makes Spanish fun to learn but is also firm in her approach. Both my children have learned so much. She is a treasure of a teacher!

Lisa Sanzen on 8/24/2015 

"Great tutor/teacher. Very patient and flexible."

I have been studying Spanish with Carina for several months now. She is very professional, patient and engaging as a teacher. We often do a mix of speaking and writing exercises. I have my own workbook that I work from, but our sessions are geared towards what I want to focus on mostly. When I have no clue what to do, she always has suggestions. She stays on top of me about grammar, pronunciation and using new vocabulary which is important for speaking a new language. I feel that I am becoming more confident in my knowledge and ability to speak without too much hesitation. Additionally, her rates are reasonable. She even offers Skype as an option that provides flexibility when in a time crunch. I tried another tutor in the area before finding her and knew from the first session that it was a great fit for me. I highly recommend Carina!  Marcy / Jersey City, NJ on 2/5/2015

I have taken Spanish lessons, both in my home and online, with Carina for 4 years and have learned a lot. She is a great teacher who allows you to learn at your own pace yet encourages you to reach further and learn more. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Spanish. 

Sue on 8/18/2015 

Carina is an excellent teacher - patient and tailors the lessons to my experience and knowledge of French and Latin so we are building on what I already know. She has also helped me find good material to use at home in-between lessons.I would recommend her highly.

Nancy on 8/17/2015 


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