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Spanishpots are social culinary educational super fun events in which participants of different levels of Spanish proficiency and occasionally native speakers from different Hispanic countries get together to have conversations playing, acting, debating, creating songs, interviewing and more. The monthly meetings led by Carina at private homes include structured activities and spontaneous exchanges that aim to reinforce listening, comprehension and speaking skills in a fun, safe, creative atmosphere. Each participant brings a dish and assigned homework to share with the group. This sharing is the springboard for conversation.

A written synthesis of the material covered is provided at a later date. 

Spanishpots are a great opportunity for learners to apply and enrich what they learn in the individual lessons or the appropriate format for people that don't have time in their busy schedules to devote to their Spanish learning.


The footage below showcases some Spanishpot activities which include participants’ presentations in a variety of modalities from creating and singing he lyrics to a song to making up a dialogue with puppets, from playing games to explaining a graph and presenting a poster.

These footage contains mistakes  some of which  were discussed and used to learn from.

We earn the food after studying hard!

Spanishpots were started by Carina at her former home upstate NY in 2012. After their great success now she is developing them in Jersey City and as virtual events too.

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